Why is Non Chlorine Bleach best Option for your Laundry Shine?


Non chlorine bleach is the best option for providing maximum cleanliness to the clothes by disinfecting it regularly. You need to understand the working mechanism of the bleach without chlorine in order to pick perfectly.

Chlorine bleach

The standard chlorine bleach that is available in stores consists of about 6 percentages of sodium hypochlorite solution mixed in water. As we all know the chlorine is a chemical ingredient that will act as disinfectant and powerful whitener. However it can cause some negative hazardous effects in animals, plants and people.

Non Chlorine BleachIf the chlorine bleach might be consumed accidentally then the chlorine can cause corrosion in the gastrointestinal and esophagus tract. Sometimes when the chlorine bleach gas emission is inhaled then it can cause throat and nHome, ose irritatHome, ion.

Chlorine bleach when compared to Non Chlorine Bleach will effectively involve destroying and damaging fungi, molds, viruses and bacteria extensively. Even before the chlorine gas gets evaporates in thin air then some organisms that are beneficial might get killed. Thus bleach without chlorine could be considered as safety option for your local water system and family.

Oxidation power

It is essential that you understand some basic chemical reaction in order to understand the mechanism by which the Non chlorine bleach works. When the molecule absorbs visible lights at certain wavelength then it start reflecting the colors and it becomes visible. That particular molecule that occurs is known as chromophore. The structure will be destroyed and elemental oxygen reacts and starts eliminating the molecule color with the help of chromophore.

Non chlorine bleach is safe and not harmful for your pets or humans or to the environment. Chlorinated bleach can cause certain discomforts such as irritation to throat, nose and eyes, which cause severe respiratory defects over time. On the other hand the oxidation power of the bleach with zero percentage chlorine content makes it the safest option available. However it is essential that you keep it out of reach from kids or pets, because swallowing can cause some health issues.

Benefits of Non chlorine bleach

1.    One very important advantage enjoyed by the non chlorinated bleach users is that the quality of fabric remains unchanged while the stains are removed and the laundry is whitened.

2.    Chlorine bleach is used only for whitening purposes but the Non chlorine bleach allows you to use it both for brightening up your colored clothes and whitening your white clothes.

3.    Non chlorinated bleach can be blended together along with detergent on to the laundry.

4.     It is available both in liquid and powdered form.

5.    The liquid chlorine bleach is made from hydrogen peroxide and the powdered form comprises of sodium carbonate. These are oxidizing ingredients that boost the power of detergents.

6.    It is effectively designed to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold.

Non chlorine bleach can be bought from your local stores or super markets and drugstores.

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